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Scottish Heroes & Villains

Hollywood has immortalised Scottish heroes such as William Wallace and Rob Roy MacGregor (whether accurately or not can be debated). Even some of our less commendable characters have been shown on the silver screen and preserved in literature; Burke and Hare the infamous body snatchers, Deacon Brodie the inspiration for the character of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde and even the cannibal family of Sawney Bean was the inspiration for the horror movie 'The Hills have eyes'. Read more of the commendable and the contemptible characters of Scotland.

The Legend of Sawney BeanThe Legend of Sawney Bean
In recent times the stories of Hannibal Lecter and the real life horrors of Jeffrey Dahmer have provided chilling accounts of cannibalism. However, Scotland can lay claim to one of the most gruesome horror tales ever recounted - the legend of Sawney Bean.  read more >>

The Legend of Sawney BeanBurke & Hare
17 tiny coffins found in a cave in Edinburgh, 17 victims of Burke & Hare the notorious body snatchers - was there a connection? You decide.   read more >>

Jenny GeddesJenny Geddes
An ordinary fruit and veg seller but Jenny Geddes was a catalyst that started one of the most infamous riots in Edinburgh's history.   read more >>

Greyfriars BobbyGreyfriars Bobby
Many stories exist of this bond between man and dog and Scotland has its fair share. However the most famous by far was Bobby - the Skye Terrier.   read more >>

The Legends of Rob Roy MacGregorRob Roy MacGregor
A cattle thief and extortionist but also a daring hero, few men have been as celebrated in folk legend or literature as Rob Roy MacGregor   read more >>

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