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Supernatural Scotland

As organised religion in the shape of Christianity spread through Europe it replaced older beliefs. These beliefs were deeply rooted in local culture and superstition, they determined so much of everyday life; rituals of fertility could mean life or death to those whose livelihood was made from the land. The great success of the Christian faith was how it absorbed many of these beliefs and rituals, however there was a darker side, the side which worshipped more menacing pagan symbols. Stories from the darker side of our nature and stories that cannot be explained are everywhere in Scotland, find out more about Scotland's supernatural past.... and present!

Bonnybridge UFO sightingsBonnybridge - Most UFO Sightings on the planet
Bonnybridge is a small town near to Falkirk with a population of around 6,000 - it could possibly be the most unremarkable town in central Scotland and yet the area, which is now referred to as 'The Falkirk Triangle' averages around 300 UFO sightings per year - this is more than anywhere else on the planet.  read more >>

Beane NigheThe Bean Nighe
The Bean Nighe (pronounced ben-nee'-yeh) is related to the Irish Banshee (Bean Sidhe) and also has a French equivelant, Les Lavandières. She is seen wandering near streams and pools where she washes the bloodstained clothes of those who are about to die. As such she is seen as an omen of death just like the Banshee.read more >>

Ewan The HeadlessEwan The Headless
The tale of Ewan "with the small head" and a clan split in two; the MacLeans of Duart and MacLaines of Lochbuie and a strange meeting with a washer woman  read more >>

Major WeirMajor Weir
Major Weir - The Wizard of the West Bow The narrow winding streets and dark cavernous closes of Edinburgh can feel eerie enough at night as you walk alone. But listen out for the wrap of a cane on the cobbles and look out for a dark shadowy figure for it may be the ghost of Major Weir -The Wizard of the West Bow!  read more >>

Brahan Seer Brahan Seer
Living around the same time as the legendary Nostradamus was a farm labourer called Coinneach Odhar. His prophesies are maybe not as well known as his contemporary but the alarming accuracy of his predictions has added to the sense of mystery that still exists around the Black Isle. Indeed many of those local to this area of Scotland still hold his predictions in great reverence. read more >>

The Selkie Bride The Selkie Bride
There is a widespread belief that seals can become human, perhaps only at certain times of year: the spring tide, midsummer, full moon. And that on those magical nights, they shed their sealskins to sing and dance on the shore. This is a story told by Lari Don a children's writer of man's love and the lengths he'll go to keep his selkie bride. read more >>

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