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Symbolic Scotland

There are many symbols which can embody the character of a nation. Scotland is no different in that respect; The saltire, this thistle and the lion rampant are all significant symbols of our nation. Furthermore there are symbols held dear by the many of the Scottish Clans, Some obvious in their representation on clan crests others less well known in clan artefacts.

The Scottish SaltireThe Scottish Saltire
Take a walk through Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness or any other Scottish town and city and you will see countless saltire flags. They adorn the flagpoles of buildings, appear on t-shirts, key rings, mugs - anything that can accommodate one. But how many know the story behind Scotland’s national flag - prepare to be enlightened! 

The LuckenboothThe Luckenbooth
The Luckenbooth brooch became a very popular item in 16th century Scotland. It featured the heart and crown - the 'Heart & Crown of Scotland' and was romantically linked to the tragic Mary, Queen of Scots.  read more >>

The Legend of the Scottish ThistleThe Scottish Thistle
The prickly purple thistle has been Scotland's national emblem for centuries. The oldest national flower on record, but how did such a thorny flower become a national emblem ?  read more >>

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan 
One of the most treasured possessions of the clan MacLeod is the famous Fairy Flag of Dunvegan. The story behind the flag is one of the greatest romantic tales in all the highlands... . read more >>

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