Campaign to Return Scotland’s Birth Certificate

‘Scotland’s Birth Certificate’ describes the earliest surviving record of the country’s existence. This ancient document which is 1,000 years old is being held in the national library of France, where it has been since the 17th century.

Margo MacDonald MSP

Margo MacDonald MSP

A campaign has been launched top return this unique piece of Scotland’s past returned to Scotland. MSP Margo MacDonald and archaeologist and presenter of the BBC’s ‘The History of Scotland’ Neil Oliver, are actively joining the campaign.

The Manuscript contains the very first mention of the country Albanium – the Latinised version of the Gaelic name for Scotland. The rare text is a list of the 12 Kings of the House of Alpin – Scotland’s first Royal Family. And charts the particularly bloody decade of Scotland’s history from the reign of Kenneth MacAlpin to Kenneth II, who died in 995. It explains how Scotland was unified under the Alpin family.

Translations of the text reveal a very bloody account of each of the Kings and their achievements. Of Kenneth I it says “He attacked Saxonia six times; and burnt down Dunbar and captured Melrose”, but that he died of a “tumour” in the palace of Fortevoit. The authors also wrote of their intollerance of what was considered failure of King Aed, who ruled from 877 to 878, it was written: “The shortness of his rule has left nothing memorable to history; but he was killed in the town of Nrurim”.

We at ScotClans will be avidly following this campaign and are extremely keen to read a translation of this document in full.


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13 thoughts on “Campaign to Return Scotland’s Birth Certificate

  1. Laura Phares-Wilson

    It is extremely important for the document to be returned to Scotland. For the French to be in possession of it is no different than Russia being in possession of the original United States Constitution. It is imperative that descendants of the Kings of Dalraida may have access to the written achievements of their ancestors and the people of Scotland may look up to the real Royal ancestors.

  2. Kenneth Dowell McCrary -Atkins

    I am descended from the McAlpine,McQuarrie (McCrary) clans. My middle name Dowell was also a prominent name even though I can find very little information about them. Nancy Dowell (Doctor) from Tennessee was my great-great Aunt.from which my middle name came from. Dr.Dowell Womack McCrary was my Grandfather. He was from Jackson Co. Alabama and received his Degree from Memphis State University around 1920-1930 the best I can find out. I am glad to be Scotch Irish.

  3. Steven R Ewing

    I too am concerned of items belonging to not only Scotland but to the families & relations to the Clans & France just hording this document is like the Pope & the Queen of England keeping items away from our families so what does this do for them? They like to make others suffer but also some items are a threat to them or do not want truth exposed so now another Queen snatch is our Unicorn & the Stone of Destiny with her Royal fanny sitting on the stone? In my families journals it states that EWEN MADE THE STONE OF DESTINY but then you have the Fantasy people claiming things & burns my fanny reading about stuff that is not only a fact but is recorded in histories journals of the Picts ect… I think Scotland is one place the idiots down in Antartic has not dug up yet looking for that Ancient Technology but they do & they will do anything to get it! Both Iraq wars were not about the scripted stories but was a way in to steal a ancient stargate found in the 1920s & the original heads of Orisis & Nimrod & these psycopaths are going to DNA these into life again! Ah you did not know this? There is a lot you might not know but know this—Hussein was accused & hanged for nothing he did in the 911 attacks! Bin Laden did not have a thing to do with the towers & proof is that no one could track him as he hid from them but a frigging News Crew two weeks before attacks just strolls to his cave & gets a interview & then killing Kadafi & reason why?? Anyone? Hillary had him done as he was bringing in the “GOLD DENAR” then they wanted Assad??? Does anyone get what these Evil Murdering Dictators do & nothing done to them while they label Putin & others & were the ones in the end paying for it as were a huge target by the world hating us? US US US –NOT THEM NOT THEM GET IT??? Sorry my rant played out but man how CLUELESS this Zoo were now living in will be the downfall of us & the psycopaths do have a way out of this world & maybe the 3 crashed UFO,s in Antartic??? THERE MOTTO IS “OUR METHOD IS SCIENCE & OUR AIM IS RELIGION” BY THERE HIGHEST 99 DEGREE MASON & BARBRA BUSH,S FATHER “ALISTER CROWLEY” MY MOTTO IS “IT IS NOT THEM WE FEAR BUT IS THE MACHINES THEY BUILT TO USE AGAINST US” YEP, SECRET BLACK PROJECTS & EVERYBODY PAID FOR THEM WHILE NEVER KNOWING THE SECRETS?? SIGNS OF COMPLETE IDIOTS UNDER CONTROL BY THEIR “IDIOT BOXES” STEVEN EWING OF CLAN EWEN#1198 & A KNIGHTS TEMPLAR OF ROSSYLN#119845

  4. Hayley

    Hello this is Hayley Hess, I have read some of your messages saying that one of your grandfathers were Kenneth macalpin. The reason why am asking is because I am also one of the medieval times great-grandfather’s of Kenneth maca The reason why am asking is because I’m also one of the medieval times great grandfathers of Kenneth MacAlpin.

  5. Deborah of Mishnish McKinnon

    The House of Alpin is not a Clan but is an original Royal House of Picts and Scots. The direct ancestors are now the Mackinnons and MacGregors as of current day. The old graph of the seven clans of the royal house of alpin is now down to two after careful research. The MacAlpines were formed later on as a collection of unrelated peoples and proved not to be direct descendants of the Royal House of Alpin.

  6. Megan Mitchell

    HI Im trying to search the connection of the Fletcher’s to Kenneth Mac Alpine as the family tails say we are descendants to him can anyone help please:) My grand mother was Mary Fletcher possible born in Scotland about 1888. I would really appreciate any help.
    Thanks Megan

    • Dawn

      I’m a little late to this party but will tell what little I “know”: There was a time(16th and 17th centuries) when the MacGregor clan was being vilified/persecuted and the name MacGregor was abolished by royal decree. When this occurred, many MacGregors were forced to assume other names. One of these names was…Fletcher! Also, Murray and Grant. Folks with these surnames belong to Clan Gregor… H So I am told. How are the MacGregor’s related to MacAlpine? There may have been a Greigor who was brother to Kenneth MacAlpine..or not. Regardless Clan Gregor maintains a motto: Royal is My Blood…written in Gaelic of course. The current Clan Chieftain is Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, 7th Baronet of Yannick and Balquhidder.

  7. Angelique Nota

    You don’t have to have a recent Scottish ancestor to descend from Kenneth I.

    I descend from Kenneth I in a very different way, my ancestors are the Knights Pylyser, a sub-branch of the Dukes of Brabant.

    My ancestor is Duke Jan I of Brabant, this is his family tree:

      Jan I, Duke of Brabant
    his father → Henry III, duke of Brabant
    his father → Henry II, duke of Brabant
    his mother → Mathilde of Boulogne
    her mother → Marie I, countess of Boulogne
    her mother → Mathilde de Boulogne, Comtesse de Boulogne, Queen of England
    her mother → Mary of Scotland Dunkeld
    her father → Malcolm III, ‘Canmore’, King of Scots
    his father → Duncan I, King of Scots
    his mother → Bethóc ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda
    her father → Malcolm II “The Destroyer”, King of Scots ”
    his father → Kenneth II, king of Scots
    his father → Malcolm I, king of Scots
    his father → Donald II “the Madman”, King of Scots
    his father → Constantine I, king of the Picts and Scots
    his father → Kenneth I Mac Alpine, king of the Picts

    Kenneth I Mac Alpine, king of the Picts is my 34th great grandfather


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