Clan Christmas Cards

Clan Christmas Cards

Clan Christmas Cards

Yes we know its only October but this latest offering from ScotClans list of ‘homespun’ products has arrived just in time. We teamed up with our very good friends at Edinblythe, who have been making fantastic cards for some time to come up with something special.

After a little trial and error we finally came up with a design that comfortably incorporates a full colour clan crest, tartan image and a traditional Scottish winter scene. Thanks to ‘print on demand’ we are able to offer small runs of cards (packs of 5) all custom printed with clan crest and tartan.

We have had a trawl on the old ‘interweb’ and as far as we can see there are no other similar cards out there so we will be extending the range very soon to cover lots of other events and holidays such as Easter, Birthdays and of course any anniversary of us ‘Stuffing the English’ 🙂

The cards are big enough to comfortably accept a large denomination note (though they may struggle to contain enough Zimbabwean dollars to buy a pair of socks) but otherwise if your loved ones like their cards to have that reassuring sound that only a crisp note can give then feel no fear.

Clan Christmas Cards

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One thought on “Clan Christmas Cards

  1. C.B.R.

    Christmas Cards

    Crest required (or desired) MacDonald of Clanranald (Western Isles).

    Would such be available?? If so, please provide a price for 50. Please respond A.S.A.P., Also expected delivery date.

    Thank you.


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