Clan Munro Boosts Highlanders Museum Revamp

Left to right Hector Munro of Foulis, Major General Seymour Monro and Lt Col Patrick Gascoigne with two of the swords from the vast collection of artifacts.

Left to right Hector Munro of Foulis, Major General Seymour Monro and Lt Col Patrick Gascoigne with two of the swords from the vast collection of artifacts.

Clan Munro has helped to bring a Highland military museum fundraising campaign one step closer to victory.

Hector Munro of Foulis, Chief of Clan Munro, has donated £15,000 on behalf of the clan and wider family to the Highlander’s Museum fundraising appeal. The Highlanders are the descendents of Scottish Regiments originally raised from the clans and communities of the Highlands and Islands in the late 1700’s.

Major General Seymour Monro, museum and appeal chairman said: “All three of our original regiments – Seaforths, Camerons and Lovat Scouts – were raised by the Clan Chief or their close relative – and there has always been a strong and natural link between the regiments and the clans which continues today.”

“This enduring link is a fundamental element of the heritage of the Highlands and Islands. We are delighted and grateful that the Clan Munro, led by its Chief, Hector Munro and his wider family, has been to the fore in contributing to this museum project. As a member of the clan, I am doubly proud!”

Hector Munro of Foulis, Clan Chief, said: “A clan was an extended family group formed into an elaborate web of relationships by intermarriage and set up for mutual protection and benefit. The destruction of the old clan system was the price of Jacobite failure but it was a simple transition for the natural warrior instinct of the clans to seamlessly reappear in the Highland regiments.

“In the last two hundred years many Munros and twenty-seven of my immediate family have served with distinction in The Seaforth Highlanders and their successor regiments. I am particularly grateful to my relatives, descended from Stirling and Gascoigne marriages for contributing so magnificently to The Highlanders’ Museum Appeal.”

The Highlander’s Museum covers three floors of Fort George’s former Lieutenant Governors’ House. The museum has roughly 20,000 artifacts and an estimated 10,000 documents and photographs. The Development Project is set to take three years to complete, transforming the museum into a facility where visitors will be inspired by the history of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland as told through the Region’s Army regiments.

The appeal has raised £2.78 million so far with £100,000 still to go. Information on how to donate can be found at


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One thought on “Clan Munro Boosts Highlanders Museum Revamp

  1. Alan Hector Munro

    Cannot believe that I am reading this for the first time – over four years after ir was first posted. This despite a keen interest in the MUNRO Clan.
    Was most disappointed to have to give away my tickets to the 2017 Tattoo at Fort George having taken ill during a visit to Scotland from South Africa.

    Best wishes for the future to the Highlanders Museum. Shall get there eventually.


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