Bride’s och aye, the poo!

Cutting from The Daily Sport

Cutting from The Daily Sport

A FUMING bride DECKED her kilt-wearing hubby when he sat on her knee at the reception and left a SKIDMARK on her wedding dress!

Like all true Scotsmen, Angus McClure, 26, didn’t wear pants under his kilt when he married sweetheart Sarah Grant in Greenock, Renfrewshire.

But his traditionalism led to uproar when he perched his poorly-wiped backside on 24-year-old Sarah’s pristine frock, leaving an unsightly smear.

After Sarah swiped at Angus, the well-refreshed McClure and Grant clans led the reception into bloody mayhem.

A police source said: “I’ve been a police officer in Greenock for nearly 20 years and so I’ve seen a lot of wedding parties turn nasty but this was something else.”

In total, seven people were arrested in the grounds of wedding venue, Greenock Reformed Temperance Hall, and face public order offences.

It’s believed that Angus and Sarah were reconciled when they sobered up, and have no memory whatsoever of the melee.

Posted On Friday, 13 May 2011 in the Daily Sport

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3 thoughts on “Bride’s och aye, the poo!

  1. Kevin

    None of the media here in the States would have the balls to print/post ANYTHING like the article above. What a riot (literally & figuratively)! Sent this one out to my buds lest they think that all that Scotland is known for are terrific single malt, haggis, Rabbie Burns and a Mel Gibson movie. 😉


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