Ghost Photographed at Scottish Castle



A photo taken by tourist Christopher Aitchison in May 2008 at Tantallon Castle appears to show a person looking out in old style clothing.

Insisting the photo isn’t tampered with this image is baffling researchers. This photo has just been  made public by Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology studing  “photographic evidence for ghost” ahead his conference at The Edinburgh International Science Festival next week.  Interesting timing you may ask.

The figure in the photograph is peering down from the upper floor wearing what looks like a Middle Aged outfit, with a greenish ruff around the neck.

So is this photographic proof?

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Photographed at Scottish Castle

  1. Shirley Fox

    I was a tourist in Scotland taking photos of Castles and the beautiful land. And I do know how Mr Christopher feel. Because the same thing happen to me. I have a photos of some one and he is was wearing a uniform hat, And I can tell you there was know one dress up in there like that. Thank You Shirley Fox.


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