Greyfriars’ Bobby and Bum the Dog!

Edinburgh became the sister city of San Diego, USA in 1977. Sister cities were the result of an initiative by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who believed that twinning cities and connecting people at the community level would forge strong international relations and build trust which would result in a more peaceful world. These two cities shared something else that further fostered a link between them, stories of loveable canines.

Edinburgh has the tale of Greyfriars’ Bobby and San Diego has the story of Bum the dog, who for a homeless dog became something of a celebrity, loved by all in his hometown, much like our very own Bobby. When the two cities twinned in 1977, they each presented the other with a statue of these loveable dogs.



This statue of Bum the dog is found in Princes Street Gardens, alongside the following plaque…


San Diego has the original statue of Bum alongside a replica of Edinburgh’s Bobby statue…


Which includes a plaque explain more about Bum…


The love and loyalty of both legendary dogs forever joins San Diego and Edinburgh as sister cities.


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