Hollywood company plans to buy rights to Scottish turkey story

Cape Wrath lighthouse where John and Kay run their cafe

Cape Wrath lighthouse where John and Kay run their cafe

Kay Ure was stranded for 30 days, kept away from her husband John and her home due to the severe winter snow and storms, and now a Hollywood movie company, Furst Films, has offered the Sutherland couple £40,000 for the rights to their story.

On the 19th of December Kay Ure left her home in Cape Wrath to go to Inverness and buy a turkey for Christmas, and it wasn’t until mid January when she managed to make it home. Mrs Ure’s journey to get to the shops included an eleven mile car trip to get to a boat for a ride across the Kyle of Durness sea loch. And then it was an 100 mile bus ride to get to Inverness where she managed to get all of her shopping done. The return journey included the same efforts, and it wasn’t until she got off the boat, with only the eleven mile left to go that she discovered that the roads were completely blocked by the snow, not realising that she wouldn’t get back home for another month.

Kay in the end had to spend Christmas in a friend’s caravan, whilst her husband John was stuck with their six dogs as well as two hikers who had visited the cafe run by the couple.

The Ures, who moved from Glasgow to Cape Wrath several years ago, will be paid by Furst Films for screenplay and consultation rights.

The couple were said to have been taken completely by surprise by this offer from the film company. In an interview with BBC Scotland John Ure said, “We thought it was a joke until we Googled them and found out they’d won a few Golden Globes.”

He also added that he would like “someone with a bit of character” to play him in the movie, with Robert Carlyle being his first choice.

Mr. Ure also wants the film to be as much about their way of life as about the story of the stranded wife and the Christmas turkey.

John continued, “It’s not just about the turkey, it’s about our life story and how we came to be here. People find it intriguing that we’re living this kind of lifestyle up here but we’re used to it and it’s a pleasant way to live.”

The couple are hoping that a film will help boost their business.

“We’ve only had one customer since Christmas and they only wanted coffee and snacks, but we expect business to pick up in May.”

Kay and John Ure have no plans to recreate the same ordeal for next Christmas and have already started planning for the festive period.

“This Christmas I’m going to be better prepared, and keep the wife on a shorter lead” John jokes.

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