Incredible Drone Videos of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

We had a great time at Grandfather Mountain, can see our ScotClans tent in some of these videos.

The Opening Ceremony

2015 GMHG Torch Light Ceremony

The Parade of the Tartans

Massed Bands

2015 GMHG Kirkin’ of the Tartan

2015 GMHG Heavy Athletics

2015 GMHG Festival Teaser


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3 thoughts on “Incredible Drone Videos of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

  1. Peggy Braswell

    This was my 13th consecutive visit to the Grandfather Games. I DID NOT like the constant buzzing and whining of a blasted drone. It may have provided great PR shots but it took sooooo much away from the heritage and pure beauty of the event. If people want to come-please come. But why provide a “virtual experience” at the expense of people that truly enjoy the feel, sights, and sounds of the various aspects of the game. It was hard to “feel” Scotland with a creepy drone constantly intruding.


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