Scottish Beef Back on US Menus

Scottish BeefHere’s some delectable news for our American readers – Scottish beef is set to make a return to dinner tables across America following an almost 20 year ban. US officials are moving to reopen the American market to Scottish farmers after a scare over BSE (commonly known as Mad Cow Disease) resulted in a ban in 1990.

The move was described as a “massive breakthrough” by Scottish ministers. However there are a few technical issues to iron out, meaning it will be early 2014 before exports to America can resume.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said he was delighted about the trade barrier lift, stating the announcement could mean the resumption of exports on other Scottish products such as Scotch lamb and haggis. “Scotch Beef has been off the menu in the USA for far too long and the reopening of an extremely lucrative market is a tremendous opportunity to expand our beef exports and one which I am keen for the industry to grasp.

Mr Lochhead added that it was “vitally important” to Scotland’s red meat industry that the UK government started to put procedures in place now to avoid unnecessary delay.

Anne MacColl, chief executive of trade promotion agency Scottish Development International, said: “Scottish Beef was among the first European red meat products to be awarded the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status over 25 years ago and is recognised as being world class.

“The US continues to be the largest single export market for Scottish goods and services and food and drink exports to the US increased by 30% in 2012 to just under £1bn.

“The opportunity for Scotland’s beef industry is therefore significant and we will continue to work with Scottish producers to support their growth into new markets and capitalise on global opportunities.”


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One thought on “Scottish Beef Back on US Menus

  1. Bud

    Great news! Scottish beef is one thing, but the prospect of being able to get real haggis on this side of the pond makes my mouth water.


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