Clan Armstrong

Basic Info.

Armstrong Clan Crest

Armstrong Clan Crest

Clan Armstrong

Gaelic Name: Mac Ghillieláidir (listen to it being said >)
Clan Crest: An arm from the shoulder, armed, Proper
Motto: Invictus Maneo (I remain unvanquished)
Lands: Liddesdale
Seat: Gilnockie Tower
Origin of Name: Strong arm

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Armstrong Tartan

Armstrong Modern

Armstrong Modern

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Clan History

Gilnockie Tower

Gilnockie Tower

Armstrong History

The Armstrongs are a significant border clan whose origins lie in Cumberland, south of the frontier between Scotland and England that was officially established in 1237. The Armstrong name alledgedly has a mythological origin, in that it is said their heroic progenitor, Fairbairn, saves his king of Scotland in battle, and not from a wild beast as is the case with another Border clan – the Turnbulls. read the clan history >

Clan Lands

Armstrong Lands

Armstrong Map

Armstrong Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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