Clan Cairns

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Cairns Clan Crest

Cairns Clan Crest


Crest: A cinquefoil, Proper
Motto: Effloresco (I Blossom)
Historic Seat: Mid Calder, West Lothian
Origin of Name: Topographical, for someone who lived near a cairn
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Cairns Tartan

Grant Clan

Grant Modern

Grant Clan tartan (There is no registered tartan for this clan)

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Clan History

Cairns Castle, West Lothian

Cairns Castle, West Lothian

Cairns History

Originates in the parish of Cairns in mid-Calder, West Lothian.

The first to appear on the records is William de Carnys who witnessed a charter in 1349.
Throughout the 14th century this name is recorded on many occasions, and it was particularly common in the mid and west Lothian areas.

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Clan Lands

Cairns Lands


Cairns Clan

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