Clan Little

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Little Clan Crest

Little Clan Crest


Motto: Concedo Nulli (No surrender, no retreat, yield no ground)
Origin of Name: Descriptive
Badge: Heather
Clan March: The Reivers of Meikledale
Lands: Borders
Clan Chief: None, armigerous clan

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Little Tartan

Little Clan

Little Clan

Little Clan tartan

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Clan History

William The Lion

William The Lion

Little History

Variations of the surname found in public records are: Litle, Littell, Litill, Littill, Lytil, Lytle, and Lyttille. Little, believed to be a descriptive surname meaning small. Found as Parvus in Latin documents, and Petit in French.

During the reign of William the Lion Hugo Parvus was clericus regis for the King, whilst, possibly the same Hugo Parvus was burgess of Dundee around 1202.

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