Clan MacAlister Septs

The following is a list of spelling variants for the name MacAlister:

MacAlaster, MacAlester, MacAlister, MacAllaster, MacAllester, MacAllister, MacCalaster, MacCalester, MacCalister, MacCallaster, MacCallester, MacCallister, McAlaster, McAlester, McAlister, McAllaster, McAllester, McAllister, McCalaster, McCalester, McCalister, McCallaster, McCallester, McCallister, MacColaster, MacColester, MacColister, MacCollaster, MacCollester, MacCollister, McColaster, McColester, McColister, McCollaster, McCollester, McCollister, MacAlasdair, MacAllasdair, MacCalasdair, MacCallasdair, McAlasdair, McAllasdair, McCalasdair, McCallasdair, MacLaster, MacLester, MacLister, McLaster, McLester, McLister, M’Alasher, McKallister, M’Alester, McClester, MacEllistram, and McOlisterr

There are five branches of the Clan MacAlister

1.Tarbert Castle
3.Strathaird, Isle of Skye
4. Glen Barr
5. Alexander of Menstrie

The Strathaird, Isle of Skye branch of the Clan has very close ties with the MacDonalds of Sleat.