Clan MacBain

Basic Info.

MacBain Clan Crest

MacBain Clan Crest


Gaelic Name: MacBheathain
Motto: Touch Not A Catt Bot A Targe
Badge: Red whortleberry or Boxwood
Lands: Dores, Inverness-shire
Origin of Name: Son of Beatham
Clan Chief: James McBain of McBain

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MacBain Tartan

MacBain Modern

MacBain Modern

MacBain Clan tartan

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Clan History

Culloden Memorial Cairn

Culloden Memorial Cairn

MacBain History

There are several possible Gaelic origins for this name but the most likely is bheathain which means lively one. This could also have been renderd as Mac ic Bheatha which means MacBeth, a name which was very important in early Scottish history. When King Malcolm II of Scotland removed the MacBeth line from the Scottish throne, his power was constantly challenged by the powerful Scottish noble families of Moray.

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Clan Lands

MacBain Lands

MacBain Map

MacBain Map – from Gill Humphrys’ Clan Map of Scotland

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