Clan MacGillivray Septs

There are no septs of Clan MacGillivray, however, the following is a list of spelling variations of the name:

MacGillavery, MacGillavry, MacGillivary, MacGillivoor, MacGillivrey, MacGillivry, MacGillvary, MacGillveary, MacGillviray, MacGillvray, MacGillvrey, MacGilvary, MacGilveray, MacGilvery, MacGilvra, MacGilvray, MacGilvreay, MacGilvry, MacIlbra, MacIllevorie, MacIlvora, MacIlvoray, McGilvra, MacIlvrae, MacIlvray, McGilvray, McGilvrey, McGilvery, and McGilberry

The name MacGillivray is a sept of Clan MacLean.

MacGillivray is also seen as a sept of Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie.