Clan MacPherson Septs

The Chief of Clan Macpherson, Sir William Macpherson of Cluny, approved the following names as surnames and families associated with the Clan.


Archibald Gillespie MacClunie MacMurdo
Cattanach Gillies MacCluny MacMurdoch
Carson MacCluney MacCurrach MacMurdock
Clark Gillis MacCurrie MacMurdich
Clarke Gow MacCurry MacMuirich
Clarkson Gowan MacGillies MacMurich
Clerich Lees MacGoune MacVurich
Clerk MacBurrich MacGoun MacVurrich
Clooney MacCarson MacGow Murdaugh
Clunie MacChlery MacGowne Murdo
Cluny MacClair MacLear Murdoch
Currie MacCleary MacLeary Murdock
Curry MacCleish MacLees Murdoson
Ellis MacClerich MacLerie Pearson
Ellison MacClooney MacLeish Parson
Fersen MacCloonie MacLise Smith