Clan Renton History

The surname Renton originates from Renton in the parish of Coldingham in Berwickshire. The name means the town of Raegen Rein, which is a shortened form of the old English name Raegenwald.

During the reign of William the Lion, the Rentons of Renton were the hereditary foresters of Coldingham, and Ricardus forestarius appears in record as Ricardus de Reningtona.

In the 1300s, the Rentons were an influential family of burgesses in Berwick.

The direct line of this family ended sometime in the 15th century through the marriage of the last heir to Ellem of Ellemsford.

In, or around, 1225, a charter by Herbert, abbot of Kelso, was witnessed by Robert de Rentun, and Symon de Rennyngton, burgess of Jedburgh, signed his allegiance to Edward I of England by putting his name to the Ragman Roll in 1296.

In 1323, John de Raynton had a charter for the lands of Over Lamberton, and this is probably the same person as the John de Rainton who, in 1325 and for some years after, was burgess and customar of Berwick, and receieved a charter of lands in Kirclambirton, circa 1332.

The David Rayntoun de Billy, who wasa recorded witness in 1473, is most likely the David Rantoun who, in 1479, appeared as attorney for David Hume of Wedderburn.
In 1557, Thomas Rentoun gave to the Exchequer the accounts of the bailies, and, in 1561, Archibald Rantoun was a notary public.

Cecilia Renton of Lammerton, who married a Smollett of Bonhill, gave her name to the town of Renton, founded in 1782, in the parish of Cardross in Dumbartonshire.

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