Clan Sempill

Basic Info.

Sempill Clan Crest

Sempill Clan Crest


Crest: A stag’s head Argent attired with ten tynes Azure and
collared with a prince’s crown Or
Motto: Keep Tryst
Lands: Renfrewshire
Clan Chief: The Rt. Hon. The Lord Sempill


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Sempill Tartan

Sempill Modern

Sempill Modern

Sempill Clan tartan

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Clan History

Sempill History

The origins of the surname Sempill are unknown, however the name has been recorded in Renfrewshire from as early as the 1100s.
It has been suggested that the name is a corruption of St Pauls, however many are left dissatisfied with this explanation. Others think that it is likely Sempill was a descriptive name for a simple person.
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Clan Lands

Sempill Lands


Sempill Map

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