Popular Wedding Tartans

Tartans A – Z
My Son wore Grey Granite and my husband his family tartan (moffat) at my brother’s wedding.

My Son wore Grey Granite and my husband his family tartan (moffat) at my brother’s wedding.

The main question you need to ask is – are you wearing your family tartan? Some decide not to as it clashes with the colours in the bridal group. Also what do you wear if you are not a Clan?
You can find out what your Clan and Tartan is by going here >
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At ScotClans we sell a massive range of tartans and products made in those tartans. We also have a wonderful kilt maker if you are looking for a kilt.
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A good way to start is to buy a few tartan swatches to see and feel what the tartan is like.
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So you have chosen not to go with your family tartan what next?

Universal Tartans
There are tartans that anyone can wear. So Flower of Scotland, Pride of Scotland, Scottish National Regional and District Tartans, Fashion tartans like Grey Granite or Dark Isle. Solid colours or tweed.

What are the rules as to which tartans I can choose for my kilt
Normally a Scotsman chooses his clan tartan (see our clan A-Z to view a list of clans that you could be part of). But if you have no tartan and are not associated with a clan, you can choose from a wide range of Universal Tartans. If this is the case you can look for something that complements your colouring, for example if you’re dark-haired you might choose red as a main colour of your kilt. You also should remember that it is going to be photographed and should therefore not be too busy with stripes going through it. Take the advice from the kiltmaker regarding the tartan you should choose (if you’re considering getting your kilt through us – we can advise.

It is up to you whether you want to avoid or actually pick one of the most popular ones, these usually include the purple tartans and plain kilts. There is a wide choice of patterns to choose from, whether tartan or plain, including; clan, district, Welsh, Cornish and Irish tartans, so you are bound to find one that suits you. Don’t feel bad about just choosing a tartan that you like for your special day, the tartan police aren’t going to turn up at your wedding and put a stop to the proceedings 🙂

Understanding the different types of tartan

What’s the difference between the Ancient, Hunting, Dress and Weathered tartans?
Most tartans fall into one of the following categories:
Ancient: Soft and lighter colours.
Modern: tend to be strong dark colours, although they can be lighter. Usually they are plainer.
Hunting: either of the above kinds of tartan but they tend to have lots of green going through them.
Dress: any of the above with a lot of white through it. This would traditionally be worn as an event like a Wedding.
Weathered: also known as muted, this is a faded/washed out dyed version of any of the previously mentioned tartans.

Should all the male members of the wedding party wear matching kilts?

This isn’t strictly necessary. Generally, people think it’s nice to see the bridegroom in a different tartan so that he stands out from the rest.

Popular Dress Tartans

Usually the bride wears white so a Dress tartan works well. Tartans with pinks and purples and wine colours in them also work well.

  • Campbell Dress Ancient

    Campbell Dress Ancient

  • MacDonald Dress Modern

    MacDonald Dress Modern

  • MacDuff Dress Modern

    MacDuff Dress Modern

  • MacDuff Dress Ancient

    MacDuff Dress Ancient

  • MacKenzie Dress Ancient

    MacKenzie Dress Ancient

  • MacKenzie Dress Modern

    MacKenzie Dress Modern

  • Gordon Dress Ancient

    Gordon Dress Ancient

  • Gordon Dress Modern

    Gordon Dress Modern

  • Stewart Dress Ancient

    Stewart Dress Ancient

  • Stewart Dress Modern

    Stewart Dress Modern


  • Crawford Ancient

    Crawford Ancient

  • Lindsay Ancient

    Lindsay Ancient


  • Pride of Scotland

    Pride of Scotland

  • Isle of Skye

    Isle of Skye

  • Pride of Glencoe

    Pride of Glencoe

  • Gretna Green

    Gretna Green

  • Heather Isle

    Heather Isle

Wine Colours

  • Crawford Modern

    Crawford Modern

  • Lindsay Modern

    Lindsay Modern

  • Lindsay Weathered

    Lindsay Weathered

Natural Colours

  • MacKay Weathered

    MacKay Weathered

  • MacKenzie Weathered

    MacKenzie Weathered

  • MacLaren Weathered

    MacLaren Weathered

  • Murray of Atholl Weathered

    Murray of Atholl Weathered

  • Gordon Weathered

    Gordon Weathered

  • Graham of Menteith Weathered

    Graham of Menteith Weathered

Smart, Modern Looking Tartans

  • MacPherson Hunting Modern

    MacPherson Hunting Modern

  • Stewart Black

    Stewart Black


  • Dark Isle (Black on Black)

    Dark Isle (Black on Black)