Sea Eagles doing well in Scotland

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagles are the largest European bird of prey, they had sadly become wiped out in Britain because of Egg collectors.

A few years ago Sea Eagle chicks were brought over from Norway in an attempt to try and establish a breeding population of these magnificent birds.

The ScotClans familly has just been on holiday to Sheildaig in the North West of the Highlands. On our first day there a rather over excited neighbour ran out of her house shouting “Eagles!”. She explained to us that the three eagles flying over the island in Loch Sheildaig were the second lot of Sea Eagles brought over from Norway. The first lot hadn’t bred in sufficient numbers and hadn’t nested around Sheldaig. Now the locals are desperate for this new trio to nest.

In Scotland we now have over 200 Sea Eagles that have been bred here. You can tell a Sea Eagle by a longer neck than the golden eagle, grey and brown feathers and it has a flatter wing profile than a conventional eagle.

Hopefully next time we visit Sheildaig we’ll be watching a new Scottish generation of Sea Eagles.

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