Service and Help

First of all don’t panic! We are here to help. We love happy customers because happy customers come back and tell their friends. We will do whatever we can to make sure you are happy with our service. However sometimes things go wrong and if that happens please let us know as quickly as possible.

Below we have provided information on how to get in touch as well as some frequently asked questions.

Direct Shopping Help

If you need help purchasing a product, need to know more about a product or you have placed an order and need to speak to us about it you can contact us in the following ways:

  • BY EMAIL: email us at – this is a dedicated sales support email address. If you are enquiring about an order please quote your order ID if you have it
  • BY TELEPHONE: you can contact us on +44 131 555 0248 or if you are in the US use (707) 832 4082
  • BY SKYPE: You can Skype call us using the Skype ID: scotclans-sales
  • TWITTER: send a direct twitter message to @scotclans
Help with shopping - are you having problems or do you have a query about shipping, bulk orders or can't find the product you're looking for?

Please see the contact information above. We are happy to help in any way we can

Helpful Converters & Measurement Guides
How we can work with Clan Societies

If you are responsible for a clan society and would like ScotClans to work with you then please get in touch. You can email us at We are always delighted to work with clans societies and have a track record of doing this over the years.

Helping us build our site

Have you spotted an error on our site? Please let us know via email at

Would you like to be a contributing author on our site, again please contact us, you could be part of the worlds largest dedicated clan resource!

Using content or images from our site

If you want to share content from our site please get in touch at All content on ScotClans is copyright and we appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us first

Exchanging Links

We provide links to relevant clan societies within our clan pages, if you want to swap links with us in this way then contact us at