St Columba’s Well

St Columbas Well

St Columbas Well

Opposite the car park in Invermoriston a small wooden sign points to Saint Columba’s Well. The well can be seen after you descend down a few steps.

It is believed that a well or spring has been on this site since early Pictish times. Until the 6th century AD the water here was considered to be poisonous, causing boils and ulcers to appear if splashed on the skin.

Then in AD565 St Columba, on his way to visit Drude (a great King of the Picts) drove out the evil spirits around the well and blessed for all time the water coming from it.

The water was then clean and pure and was said to have great curative powers it may have even have been the source for what is now lochness, but that’s another story.


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