The Five headless ghosts of Dunphail Castle

Dunphail Castle, a few miles south of Forres, Moray, was a property of the Comyn’s that was besieged in 1330.

Dunphail Castle

Dunphail Castle


Five headless ghosts are supposed to have haunted Dunphail Castle near Forres.  This was a Cummings Clan Castle and was under seige from the Earl of Moray.  Five of the defenders of the castle (Alasdair Comyn of Dunphail and 4 of his men) fought their way out to re-supply their comrades with food.  But when they returned with grain they were captured by the Moray men and beheaded; their heads were thrown to the castle defenders,  allegedly with the words “here’s your beef for your bannocks”.

The garrison of the castle also tried to flee but were slaughtered.

The lands later passed to the Dunbars where there were many tales of the five headless ghosts.

Later five headless skeletons were found, buried in a mound or barrow outside the castle.


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