The Great ScotClans Treasure Hunt

The wonderful Stag Head prize that'll go to one lucky winner

The wonderful Stag Head prize that’ll go to one lucky winner

Put Your Knowledge of Scotland to the Test

ScotClans has joined forces with Panalba to challenge you to a quest – to find the location of The Lost Chalice of Alba. Find the chalice and win the unique prize.

Dare you undertake The Quest to find the ‘Lost Chalice of Alba’? To do so you will have to answer a series of challenging questions on Scottish heritage, geography and history.

The answer to each of the questions points to a location in Scotland, in true treasure hunt style – X marks the spot where the treasure is hidden – by joining lines between these locations, discover the point where they cross to locate the treasure – sounds easy doesn’t it? But beware, the answers might not be as straight forward as you think. We will be sending out a series of clues to each question via email, facebook and twitter. To help look out for compass icon on, they will be hidden around the site and signify that something important may be on that page, but watch out, it could be a red herring!

The questions will be discussed on Panalba, at the Treasure Hunt Group, so join forces with other people – it might help.

So don your tartan explorer hat and Good luck and happy hunting, just sign up to be taken to the first question!


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