The Lost Chalice of Alba is close to being found!

The Lost Chalice of Alba

The Lost Chalice of Alba

Well our search for The Lost Chalice of Alba is nearing it’s end.  From over 400 entrants only 18 have succeeded in giving us the correct answers.

People with the correct answers so far are:

S Stuart

M McLennan

K McIntyre

K Burns

K Kealoha

D Evans

D Grant

B Langworth

P Campbell

J Scott

D Amos

B Walker

M Farmer

A Malcolm

A Ross

S Fraser

JR Ross

L Goff

Well done to you all – you are truely great treasure hunters!

Oh and also Linda and Margaret in our office although they are not eligible to win.

For those of you who haven’t entered here are all the questions. See if you can locate the chalice.

First Question

The home of Cabarfiedh. Chief of an ancient Highland clan whose tartan was worn by one of Scotland’s most famous regiments, now part of the 4th battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Second Question

Home of one of Scotland’s most powerful families, whose coat of arms have a red rampant Lion of Scotland. The Chief of the family is the Hereditary Standard Bearer of the National Flag.

Third Question

This town witnessed the declaration of independence in 1320, and is the burial site for William the Lion who founded the Abbey. Today it’s fame is more closely associated with one of the country’s most iconic foods.

Fourth Question

Once a coastal coal mining terminal that predated the Steam engine. Home of the Postage stamp and the Tortoises.

Fifth Question – this is where the chalice is hidden

Where could you play a game of caich in this historic village?  They’ve been playing it here for a royal long time.

On a map, you have to draw a line between your answer to question 1 and question 2, then another line between your answer to question 3 and question 4, the point they cross at should be the answer to question 5. This is where the Chalice of Alba is hidden.

We plan to send out a tie breaker question to all the people who have submitted the correct answers on Friday. the first person who finds the location, wins the prize.

So if you rush you can still sign up >


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