The man who escaped a hanging, a tale from Arran

While camping on the Isle of Arran we visited Brodick Castle which is on the east coast of the island. A castle owned mainly by the Hamiltons, it was used recently as a hunting lodge. In front of the castle, right by the cafe stands a small wooden house with a Heather roof. It’s very easy to miss, but the location of this little ‘Heather House’ has an interesting story.

A local craftsman built the ‘Heather House’ in 1984-85. It sits on the probable site of the Hanging Tree, where tradition tells us the castle stocks were set.

One story goes that a man with a deformed foot and using a crutch was to be hanged for stealing sheep. When the time came, time came, the man pleaded to be allowed to take three strides before entering the spirit world – one for the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. On being granted the request he took three long strides, threw away the crutch and kept going …


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