The Witches of Logie

This weekend we have been staying at the lovely Witches Craig campsite, just a stones throw (well maybe a few throws) away from The Wallace Monument at Abbey Craig. Next to the campsite are the remains of old Logie Church, a place with a sinister past!

The Ruins of Old Logie Church

The Ruins of Old Logie Church

A church was first dedicated in this ancient parish around 1173 and the ruins on old Logie Church date back to around 1592.

In 1720 the infamous Witches of Logie were said to use the area for their own rituals, behind the church stands ‘Carly Crag’ or The Witches Crag. It was here that they were supposed to meet with the devil himself who took the form of a black dog with burning eyes. He would cavort among the witches with a blue torch attached to his hind quarters.

Its getting dark now – time to look out for mysterious blue lights in the distance!


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